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Virtual crypto technologies Ltd. , a company organized under the laws of the state of Israel is a fully owned subsidiary of Emerald medical applications Corp., a Delaware corporation traded on the QB tier in the OTC Markets with an address at 40 Wall Street NY , NY 10005


Functions provided by the back-end:
Wallet configuration, price sourcing, auto-trading on exchanges, commission setting, language setting, currency setting, transaction logging, debugging, compliance, secure client/server pairing.
Exchanges supported:
Bitstamp, Coinbase Exchange.

Sources supported for the Bitcoin price:

BitStamp, BitPay, Coinfloor, Coindesk, Coinbase.

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Wallets supported:

Copay, BitGo, Bitcoind, Coinapult,, GreenAddress


Virtual-Crypto ' mission is to provide every person and business with access to alternative financial services. We promise to develop technologies that are secure, accessible and easy-to-use.

For most of the world, getting Bitcoin is still hard. Hard cash, unlike virtual fiat, has 100% global adoption, and our machines will turn it into Bitcoin in under 10 seconds.
We design our devices from the ground up.

Our labor of love starts with ink, paper and sheets of steel. We’re obsessed with usability and user experience, both for the end user and our operators. Our machines are inviting, they are handsome, and they’re a pleasure to use.
Our goal is to harness the technological supremacy of cryptocurrencies and provide this same experience to those who’ve never had access to basic financial services in the past.


Minimizing the risk of volatility:
using exchange trading option on the back-end. With each purchase of bitcoin at the machine, the back-end will convert the same amount from fiat to bitcoin in the exchange account, capturing the present value.

The back-end server, cloud service and server environment:
The back-end office is software that is intended to be installed on a server run by the operator. running on an Amazon. Any Ubuntu 14.04 or later system should be able to easily install the back-end

Our Products

BitcoinYnet – Selling Bitcoin Machine -let the client sell bitcoins and get real money (Fiat)

BitcoinXnet – Buying Bitcoin Machine - let the client buy bitcoins with real money (Fiat)

BitcoinKnet - Buying and Selling Bitcoin Software for Change Stores - let the client sell and buy bitcoins and get real money (Fiat)

BitcoinTnet – Bring your own machine, we will adapt to it. (adapting a regular ATM for bitcoin)

Our team

Alon Dayan:
Telecommunications and Cyber Security Expert both in Business and technical, Dynamic, entrepreneurial sales & business development strategist with records of achievement and demonstrated success.

Royi Itzhak:
PH.D ,Applied Math ,NLP specialist, Data Scientist, Big Data, Algorithm and Machine Learning, Expert of data vast experience in academic and applied research in Machine learning, Data Mining ,Computer Vision, Recommendations Engines, NLP, Apache Spark ,Hadoop, Network analysis, Signal analysis . leading teams focusing in R&D and organic research team. Did projects in : AT&T, Fiverr, Perion, OutBrain,GetT ,HP , Leumi-Card,El-Al, Elta. 

Simon Danilov:
Highly skilled and experienced software architect and development management, in-depth knowledge of the .NET Framework altogether, lead development teams

Or Elkin:
lead the design and development of many complex distributed systems from the ground up. using most current .NET technologies, such as WPF, Silverlight, Data Services, MEF.NET.

Java Expert & Architect, McS from Université Paris Diderot, Specialized in the world of finance markets and application performance optimization.
Specialties: Java, J2EE, Weblogic, Spring, Hibernate, Swing.





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