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Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc.(VRCP) is a Delaware corporation quoted for public trading on the OTCMARKETS in the QB tier. On January 2018 VRCP announced that it has founded an Israeli wholly owned subsidiary, Virtual Crypto technologies Ltd .

Virtual Crypto is developing a proprietary, algorithmic technology that is able to confirm bitcoin and its equivalent transactions in real-time. We lead a major competitive technological breakthrough, allowing for the immediate and user-friendly purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and user friendly purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies

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Virtual Crypto Products open a gateway to cryptocurrency exchanges

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Cryptocurrencies are taking on an ever more important role in the lives of a growing number of people, business, and machines around the world.

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23.4 million users have already opened blockchain wallet. About a 200% growth of unique users worldwide.

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According to global cryptocurrency ATM market forecast is to surpass $285.1 million by 2025. As of present, only 30% of this market allows Two_Way Trade*

Market opportunity

As of March 2018, the combined market value of cryptocurrencies is $450 billion. In less than a year, and since The University of Cambridge’s report on the global cryptocurrency status, the market value has risen by 2,640%. The rise of bitcoin trading volume market has not only sparked the establishment of major exchanges but also gave birth to many new forms of B2B and peer-to-peer economic activity. Exchanges play an essential role in the cryptocurrency economy by offering a marketplace for trading, liquidity, and price discovery. However, most of the exchange services are hindered by time deficit and user experience difficulties. Virtual Crypto is a bridge between three main giants of the cryptocurrency sector; exchanges, wallets, and payments, to the world of Fiat exchanges and grant access to immediate cash exchanges for people, business (and machines) worldwide.

Investors Options

Virtual Crypto is offering an opportunity for new potential investors to share our vision for the growth and opportunities that this revolutionizing sector has to offer. Virtual Crypto has set itself apart from its competitors with its’ products, the team, and business portfolio. With the growing demand for immediate, secured and user-friendly payment service, the rapid growth of Virtual Crypto is inevitable the years to come.

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