Global Banking & Finance Review – June 5, 2018

Virtual Crypto Technologies Launches NetoBit ATM, Allowing Users to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Real Time

In contrast to most bitcoin ATM platforms, which only allow the purchase of bitcoin, Virtual Crypto’s NetoBit ATM is a bi-directional platform that enables users to sell bitcoin as well, i.e. convert bitcoin currencies to regular fiat money, and to buy bitcoin, i.e. convert fiat money to bitcoin. NetoBit ATM is the world’s first and only ATM that allows real time conversion, purchase and sale of bitcoin

Washington Business Journal – May 10, 2018

Companies Race to Spread the Benefits of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology continue to grow in popularity. To make the most of this, a variety of tech-based companies are racing to put blockchain in the hands of ordinary businesses and consumers…Virtual Crypto Technologies (OTCQB: VRCP) is among the few companies working in this area. Its NetoBit range of products offers an innovative option for those wanting to access cryptocurrency payments both as businesses and as consumers.

GeekTime Israeli Tech Magazine – APRIL 24, 2018

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“לשלם במסעדה בעם ביטקוין ? סטארטאפ ישראלי חדש עומד להפוך את זה למציאות

בשנת 2017 המילים השולטות בתחום הטכנולוגיה היו “ביטקוין” ו”קריפטו” (בסדר, נוסיף גם “בלוקצ’יין” אם ממש תרצו). רבים נחשפו בפעם הראשונה לתחום, ורבים נוספים אף רכשו מטבעות קריפטוגרפיים שונים, ונחשפו לאחת הבעיות החמורות ביותר של התחום: מה עושים עם המטבעות שרכשתי?

The Jerusalem Post APRIL 24, 2018
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Tech Talk: Real - Time Bitcoin

The Israeli start-up develops and provides solutions for making cryptocurrencies accessible.

Virtual Crypto Technologies has launched NetoBit Cash, which will enable any business in the world to immediately, easily and securely collect payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at the best exchange rate and lowest commission, while offering protection against exchange rate volatility.
PSKF MAY 1, 2018
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Retail Tablet Device Enables Cryptocurrency Transaction in Real Time

NetoBit Cash makes accepting digital currencies a more viable option for physical and online retailers. A new tablet device from Virtual-Crypto makes it possible for retailers to accept cryptocurrencies instantly and securely. Applicable to physical and online retail