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Crypto Tablet Trader & Mobile Retail POS

Over the counter cryptocurrency, Two-Way transaction solution is available through one app.

Online cryptocurrency transactions at E-commerce and gaming portals
Instant validation and confirmation of a transaction
Back office module for real-time multi-transaction artificial intelligence enabled monitoring
business support of crypto transaction (millions of businesses worldwide)

Multi-platform Crypto Currency Trading platform

Cash can reach crypto currency faster - Our Software makes all cryptocurrency accessible. It is a gateway that works simultaneously with several crypto exchanges at once for everytransaction

Interaction with more than one exchange agency
Integration of software in different types and forms of platforms
Software based on AWS services
offers a more accurate exchange rate at any crypto fiat exchange transaction

Crypto ATM :

Cryptocurrency ATM—hardware and software has embedded currency exchange transaction validation (CETV)

An immediate exchange occurs at the Crypto enabled ATM, with a transfer from bitcoin to cash in under 10 seconds
ATMs are able to both accept and dispense both cash and cryptocurrency