Virtual Crypto’s NetoBit products dramatically improve the cryptocurrency trading experience with faster execution and lower costs. We have set a new time to transactions standard, trading in seconds rather then minutes.

Crypto POS Terminal Virtual Crypto

NetoBit Pay

NetoBit Pay is a Retail Point-of-Sale (“POS”) Solutions. NetoBit Pay offers business users to immediately and securely receive payments. 

  • Instant Cryptocurrency Confirmation Provides quick confirmation of the purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency, dramatically improving the trading experience and setting a new time-to-transaction standard of seconds
  • Best Exchange Rate The platform solution allows simultaneous comparison of multiple crypto exchanges, enabling the best crypto exchange rate at the point of every transaction
  • Comprehensive Functionality in One App –available through one app, providing cryptocurrency payments at any online sites
  • Financial Management System- allows businesses to manage and track the flow of money in each terminal, defining the KYC, and managing risk.
Crypto POS Terminal Virtual Crypto
Workers near Crypto ATM

NetoBit ATM

NetoBit ATM is a bi-directional ATM platform enabling users  to purchase, sell  and convert of cryptocurrencies to cash through  ATMs and tablets. ATM is embedded currency exchange transaction validation (CETV)

  • Instant Cryptocurrency Confirmation
  • Real-Time Cash Exchange 
  • Best Exchange Rate
  • Compliance- ATM capabilities qualified with various country’s configurations and regulations
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Multi-platform Crypto
Currency Trading platform

Cash can reach cryptocurrency faster – Our Software makes all cryptocurrency accessible. It is a gateway that works simultaneously with several crypto exchanges at once for every transaction Interaction with more than one exchange agency Integration of software in different types and forms of platforms Software based on AWS services offers a more accurate exchange rate at any crypto- fiat exchange transaction

Virtual crypto softwere

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